Thursday, 26 November 2015

Spontaneous Chaophraya?!

Heloo Heloo

*btw this isnt really a review of the restaurant - I kinda just wanted to write about my food xD*

This entry is about foood! mmmm the best kinda entry x) I wanna document about my foodventures cuz I am always uber jelly of food bloggers and youtubers who just travel around tasting amazing dishes x) I though it would be good to be able to look back on all the weird and wonderful things I've had too and maybe share with you something thats right up ur alley ^^

Me and the boy recently went to grab some food out of the blue and he suggested a cheeky chao (Chaophraya) - always up for any gastronomical expedition x)

Chaophraya is a Thai restaurant found in the heart of Birmingham Bullring's Spiceal Street. Its deffo a good choice if you ever fancy something to warm you in these cold winter months, plus its Halal (well the chicken is) for my muslim readers if yall wanna try too xD. The atmosphere of any of the Chao restaurants across the UK is always amazing with their fish tanks of exotic marine life, their spot on thai decor, the moody lighting and not to mention the cute staff uniforms- totally puts you in the mood for some good food x)

I'm someone who isnt a fan of wagamamas cuz I just simply think the food is just too bland, therefore I really love chaophraya's thai dishes for their daring spice and their bold flavours! Dw there are also the milder creamier alternatives for the more timid of you :')


The waiting staff will also offer you prawn crackers while you wait for your food which they serve it a little bread basket with sweetchili sauce on the side. (Little did I know there is a charge of £2 for the added luxury of prawn crackers T.T)

The babe wanted a starter so he got the satay chicken skewers (sorry no picture cuz I forgot). By the looks of things they were pretty good- they gave you 4 medium skewers of seasoned chicken with a peanut sauce (which I devoured) and some side salad. At around £5/6 they were fairly pricey but the portion you get is deffo not a waste either- the boy was near full after just his appetiser xD


I gots me a big main (mistakkkeeeees were made xD). I ordered "Duo of Fish" which was a chefs special and at £18.99 a pop- it better had been special :') menu details are to follow :

"Sea bass fillet deep fried and drizzled with tamarind sauce garnished with cashew nuts and a pan-fried cod fillet drizzled with a Panang sauce. A fusion of two contrasting flavours!" -chaophraya

It was wow- just wow. BAWM so good! The Panang sauce is the shizz, right mix of curry flavours with a sweet twist! And the tamarind sauce was wow with a sour kick tht will deffo give u a taste of the east. But deffooo too big for me xD Like this is a sharing meal ahahaha! If I was to turn back time I would have anything drizzled in panang sauce cuz it was just mmmmmm.

The lad had our thai favourite "Thai Green Curry- chicken"- which was obviously bawmm :')

Only downside I would say was it was hella expensive for students on a budget xD buutttt sooo goooodddd xD alsoo I'd say that they should include rice in their mains - cuz mateee you aint asian if you dont have to eat rice with absolutely anything x)

But over all super thumbs up if you're looking for somewhere good to dine :D


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