Tuesday, 2 February 2016

L’Oreal Infallible 24H-Matte Foundation Review

I need to post more I know >< sooo here is a review on my current favourite and maybe future HOLY GRAIL worthy foundation ^^

I give to you the L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation :O

First of all I do not recommend you wear ur foundation for 24 hours- cuz who does tht :l  
Hello no makeup face

A little background- I deffo have combination skin to the extreme - I have a VERY oily T zone ( often having to blot or wipe throughout the day regardless if I am barefaced or not) BUT get some crazy dry patches around my temples and my chin T.T like how is that possible - sooo a foundation I like is deffo hard to find.


I picked these up from Boots here in the UK for the bank breaking price of £7.99 for 35ml each. lool I kid, its deffo not a pricey foundation for what heaven you are getting xD Its deffo cheap and cheerful, whats there to lose eh?


It comes in a travel friendly squeeze tube which contains 35ml of the foundation. It is oil-free and contains an SPF 11. The consistency is not runny, but not thick – a happy, creamy medium. Whats nice is they even have some tips on the back of the tube along with what you should expect from the product itself :D
On the back of the tube, you can see that it has:
  1. medium texture
  2. high coverage
  3. matte finish
  4. shine control

Coverage and Finish

This little baby has deffo impressed me being a random buy from boots. It gives a perfect medium coverage that is definitely build-able to get that full coverage. I personally prefer more sheer to medium foundations but this looks amazing. It has a lovely matte finish but its deffo not flat-skin still looks like skin, which I love its the better side of demi-matte I would say :) I use a Beauty Blender to push the product into my skin when I want medium coverage, and my fingers to dab it on when I want a more natural finish. The foundation dries quickly, so I’d recommend applying it in sections. It feels very lightweight and comfortable on the skin, which I love. I can’t think of anything worse than feeling makeup on your face ><

What I did notice, is that the Infallible foundation tends to cling onto dry areas. So make sure you have well moisturised your skin beforehand. With this foundation, I can skip concealer and powder for everyday to be honest. OH AND DID I MENTION IT HARDLY TRANSFERS??? 

My face with JUST the foundation applies with a beauty blender

Fully done face in room lighting
Fully done face in natural daylight

Staying Power

The L’Oréal Infallible line is designed to be long lasting, and this is certainly the case with the Infallible Matte Foundation. I usually apply my makeup at 8-9am, and don’t remove it until midnight, sometimes later. In the time I’ve used it so far, one thing remains unchanged – whether I wear it for 8 hours or 12+ hours, this baby holds up extremely well! No settling into pores or accentuating lines. I have a lot of trouble keeping any foundation on my chin and nose, and I can safely say this is one of the few that is still holding on strong at the end of the day.
Face at 3pm - 5 hours after application

Face at 6 pm - 8 hours after application

Colour/ Shade

The colour I wear is 30 Honey and its actually not a bad match, if not alittle bit on the darker side, deffo would match my summer skin tone when I am alittle more tanned. Unfortunately the shade up  (20 Sand) is alittle too pinky and just too light for my everyday skin :( I have however found the perfect inbetween .....online D: Sadly in the UK we only have a limited number of shades unlike the US or in Australia- I wouldve deffo loved shade 24 Golden Beige cuz judging from the pictures online it would deffo suit my NC35 skintone a wholleee lot more :D But for now 30 Honey is not bad at all under my highlight and powder.

  • Perfect demi-matte for the combination/oily sisters
  • Staying power is over 9000
  • Minimal transfers
  • Wont cost u an arm and a leg
  • Travel friendly 
  • Natural looking
  • Light weight
  • I could go on and on and on 
  • Not all shades are available here in the UK :( 
  • Does cling to dry areas alittle ><

Hope I didn’t miss anything and that you found this review helpful. I wanted to make it as detailed as possible so you can make up your mind about picking up these products! Just remember foundation is a very personal thing, and while it’s worked for me, it may not work for you.

Thanks for reading guys :D
Have a nice Chinese New Year too!!


  1. The foundation looks great, packaging is very appealing
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    1. You totally should try it! Let me know how it goes for you :)
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  2. Looking good! x

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    1. Thank you! That means alot coming from someone so stylish! Loving your look books btw :)

  3. I've tried this and it really lasts like no other foundation I've used ^^ Great review ~~ I'd like to stay in touch, feel free to come check out my blog! If you like, follow me on GFC or Bloglovin and I'll come follow you back too <3


    1. Hi 5 to a great makeup find! Aww thankyou, I'd love to stay intouch too! Follows coming your way! ^^

  4. LOL guurrrl. I feel like everyone I've talked to is NC35 - Alanna is as well. Pinoys unite! Anywhoo, welcome to the blogging community~ I dunno if I ever greeted you about it hehe. You're doing really well as well so keep going ^^

    1. OMG STEPHIEEEE ahahahah Thank you!! Lol more like neglecting it big time x))) I didnt know u were on the blogging scene toooo :OOO

    2. OMG STEPHIEEEE ahahahah Thank you!! Lol more like neglecting it big time x))) I didnt know u were on the blogging scene toooo :OOO

  5. Yeah it was during 2011-2014 when blogged^^. My old blogging community left so it's weird now 0.0 but yaaay~~~

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