Friday, 8 July 2016

30 DAY MAKEUP CHALLENGE: Day 3 - A picture of you with glitter

 Wanna see more of my look and what I used? Come on in and give me a click :D

Soo here is day 3 GLITTER :D

To be honest I was so scared posting this cuz we all see the amazing posts on instagram and twitter of the beautiful glitter makeup that the makeup gurus post - and giirrlll I aint no beauty guru xD To be honest it dawned on me that I dont actually OWN any glitter makeup :O I have plenty of shaddows and but they're all mostly shimmers soo no real hardcore glitter >< SO the first challenge really was to find some glitter xD Strangely there actually isnt that many choices for glitter out in the drugstore makeup world here in the UK!! I managed to find some fine glitter powder in the BarryM counter - they had afew choices but ALL SOLD OUT! D: I had to pretty much scour town for the glitter I wanted T.T anywhooo onto the makeup!

Face makeup- as seen in my DAY2 post

  • shaddows used - 
    • Makeup Academy (MUA) undressed palette 
      • shades 3+4 in the crease
      • shade 9 in outer corner to middle of eye
      • shade 8 in outer corner only
    • MUA undress me too palettle
      • "Dreamy" in upper outer corner 
      • "Corrupt" in outer corner/crease
  • in the middle of my eye to make my glitter stick on I used my MUA cream highlighter stick as a primer or base
  • Glitter- BarryM fine glitter dust "yellow Gold"
  • Eyeliner- Seventeen tattoo me liner
  • Lashes- Kiss lashes in "Iconic"... I think x)

Day 3: Favourite Brand?

Hmm now this is a hard question cuz I have alot of favourite brands...I guess I could break it down:
  • Drugstore: 
    • REVLON - mascaras are <3
    • Bourjois - for the cute factor
    • MUA- for the affordability (cheapness) producing results!! 
  • Higher-End:
    • Shiseido- cuz they cater to oriental skin in the western world yaay yellow undertones
    • Urban Decay - cuz how can anyone hate urban
    • Benefit - cuz my hoola bronzer and curl-lash mascara is bae
Thanks for reading guys :) 

Whats your favourite brands? Have you ever tried glitter?


  1. Smooky eyes! The shades is pretty with gold colors ^^
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  2. Pretty eye look!

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  3. Your eye look is pretty <3.
    I never really go with glitter things, always end up messy on me :(.