Monday, 6 June 2016

Summer Outfits: Knee highs and chinky eyes x)


Sorry for the M.I.A - I had exams sooo took a loongg hiatus >< But I promise I will try to be more consistent and aim to post every wednesday.... hopefully aha xD But yes onto the post subject: OOTD!! This is my first OOTD post and I dont really know what I'm doing :L. Just a cute little ensemble I pulled together for a day out to the cinema and out about town :) perfect for those spring/summer months providing temps are around 15-20*c and more ..... which it RARELY is here in England T.T I was tryna go for a more lowkey everyday girl look with the navy cardi and skirt but I guess the knee highs kinda threw tht out the window x) Knee highs and a skirt got waaayy more double takes than I was going for :L Not to mention my brother mentioned how much of a weeaboo I looked in them :( But haters gonna hate- I like them ahahaha. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

EASY OREO ICECREAM :O (with ice cream maker)


Check it out my first actual recipe on the internet xD Goodluck making this super easy version of the coveted Oreo Icecream and lemme know how it goes! :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Starting My Youtube Channel


Goodness its been a while >< I can make excuses about being busy but we all know its cuz I'm lazy x) Well I guess better late than never! MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY BOXING DAY, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Aha, that should be everything at once :')

Basically this post is just to tell you about my Youtube experience or to mark the start of my Youtube experience! But before we go any further- I do not intend to make youtube a career or see myself doing so, I pretty much am doing this for myself just to get out there and I guess make the most of my youth aha