Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Starting My Youtube Channel


Goodness its been a while >< I can make excuses about being busy but we all know its cuz I'm lazy x) Well I guess better late than never! MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY BOXING DAY, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Aha, that should be everything at once :')

Basically this post is just to tell you about my Youtube experience or to mark the start of my Youtube experience! But before we go any further- I do not intend to make youtube a career or see myself doing so, I pretty much am doing this for myself just to get out there and I guess make the most of my youth aha

First off: equipment. I have a dslr camera lying around cuz my dad is a tech junky- so I use the Nikon D7000 to film with just the standard lens that comes with the kit. It doesnt have a flippy outy screen so I had to try and hook it up to my laptop and use it as like a view finder, cuz yanooo vain hoes gon be vain. I mount it on a standard tripod I also found lying around which my dad got from a carboot sale for about £2- you can tell I really did not go out of my way to do too much xD. Lighting wise I dont own anything but a desk lamp which I may plan on using in the future but for now most of my videos will probably be shot infront of a window  cuz it works for me and apparently natural lighting is the best lighting.

For singing covers its fairly important to get a nice mic cuz your voice will just get picked up better and I've had my mic for probably 3 years before I started properly using it O.O I have the Blue Yeti USB mic cuz its super easy to use, you literally just plug it in and go go go. I also have a cheap pop filter I got off amazon just cuz it looks pretty cool.

2nd hurdle: Filming. Well first I had to get all dolled up and everything cuz I really dont feel like scaring half the world with my no-makeup face. I guess its hard if you're not used to talking infront of a lens (like Im deffo not) cuz I find that I tend to ramble - so probably best if you plan your videos in advance like get urself a mini script just to prompt yourself cuz it will deffo save you all the time and editing afterwards cuz you can probs get it in fewer takes :) For singing videos its alot easier for me cuz my eyes are usually closed and its like I'm just singing to myself :D

3rd times the charm: Editing. I am not extremely computer savvy soo I use the preset programs like iMovie. It has some cool effects and presets that look pretty pro anywhoo. I guess if you know what you're doing then programs like vegas pro are probs something you'd like cuz u can really go to town with the tweaks and fiddly bits of customisation. I usually have to look at youtube tutorials of what I want, like "how to make an end card" or "how to get links on videos" cuz I'm a total noob when it comes to editing soo usually takes me hours of editing ahaha But I'm hoping it will get easier as a I get used to it and hopefully will be quicker. As I said before, the vlogs do take longer cuz u have to pick and choose the contenty bits you want and add sound effects where applicable and all. The song covers are literally just a case of putting an end card on and making sure the sound is aight :)

So yeah thats really all I have to say? For now anywhoo x)

I'm not too big on sharing or promoting on facebook soo mostly putting them up on my blog or my insta :D But it helps when you have supportive friends and family who are willing to share on your behalf ahaha x

But thats it really, check out my actual videos by clicking here on the picture of my channel and dont forget to subscribe :D

P.S.- check out my friend Biond's channel at BiondLimits  for awesome dance videos and just general awesomeness :) (and my occasional cameo appearances)

Well thats me for now, see you soon!
Any questions just leave them in my comment box below :D

Bye Bye Butterfly ^^

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