Tuesday, 24 November 2015

SEVENTEEN Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner - Tattoo Me review

Helooo my chickadeees or just me xD

Sooo like I said I'm gunna start documenting the things I like or things that I'm trying so I can go back to it for future reference when my goldfish memory fails me and to share with a sister my limited knowledge of the world of a woman (or a brother if you were ever curious enough to read my waffle of a blog). Anywhoo this one is for a product that I should NEVER replace or am yet to find a product anywhere near as good as it right now, you could say it is one of my HOLY GRAIL items (and there arnt many). Ladies and Gents I present to you the mother of all eyeliners:
my baby the 17 semi-permanent liquid eyeliner TATTOO ME
gaahh I cannot express the love I have for this liner! I have very strange skin - its pretty much combination cuz I have dry areas around my nose and my jawline but I also get really oily really easily throughout the day in my T-zone D: And as a result of my oilyness, I have oily eyelids - like I will literally sweat off any shaddows or liners within hours of having them on my perfectly dry lids in the morning T.T that is until I FOUND THIS MIRACLE IN A TUBE.

On the boots website it says:"New 17 Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner, for up to 48 hours wear."  wherre is the lieeee?? 

I would literally put this liner on at 7/8 in the morning and then by the time its time for bed (1/2am) its still as perfect as when I put it on before leaving the house! It really is amazing for its staying power! I was so shocked to find something so powerful in boots and from a boots own brand - not even one of the higher esteemed highstreet brands :O I got this bad boy for £4.99 and maatee it is a steal in anyones books. 

I could talk all day about this magic in a bottle but heres the summary cuz I aint about that life:

  • Will stay on your lids (oily or not) for however long you want 
  • Cheap as Chips (£4.99)
  • Thin brush for flexibility of looks
  • Very Black finish- matte
  • Everything you want in a liquid eyeliner
Sadly there are some cons but for someone who's struggled her whole life with liners- they are not a problem :)

  • EXTREMELY hard to get off!!
    • Girl you better have had some liner practice before you attempt practicing with this xD Because it is sooo good at staying put- mistakes are UBER messy D: I do not suggest you practice with this cuz you will end up with mega sore lids if you wanna try removing it with normal remover xD 
    • Deffo suggest an oil based remover - only way I get it off ^^

  • Drying time is fairly on the long side I'd say- probs like 1 minute to properly dry - awell teaches u patience- it takes time to look good xD
  • Its always SOLD OUT *cry* 
    • whenever I got to boots to pick up a refill its never there :( theres only ever its grey sister which cannot pass with my dark complexions >.< sooo if you get it and end up falling in love (which you will) then I suggest buying 2 of these hunnies cuz giirrlll you do not wanna be left stranded and harassing the boots employees to look for it in storage (I've been there....)
And there you have it my Holy Grail eyeliner- lemme know what you think of it if ever you try it ^^ 

Adios mi Amigos

Oh! and some pictures
This is what I looked like this morning at about 9 am finished with my makeup

This be my hideous close up at 11pm of my eyeliner after a full day at uni

How it looks on first application

How it looks completely dry
after the waterproofy test

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