Sunday, 5 April 2015

Abby's 16th

Soo yesterday was Abbys sweet 16th at the beautiful Copthorne hotel and for some odd reason I wanted to use fathers camera to take some HD ootd photos for my insta ~ haha well yanoo obvs I took waaayy too many and now had nothing to do with them sooo I thought hey! Why not make a blog? No1 will see it and u cn post as many photos as u like and still people will not see it xD soo here goes the blog and the many pictures to come ~ if u are reading this tho and actually care ~ wows ~ Imm sorry ~ anywhoofeel  free to ask questions and lemme know what u think of my outfits :) 

Goodbye my gulay 

Practically an array of just my face :l Aha so yeah I guess I should post some of the "highlights" of the spurr of vanity on here too xD

So yeah thats my actual ootd looool at the mess my room is in
Bear in mind that these photos are all raw guys, I'm too damn lazy to edit xD
Selfie selfie
My thoughts exactly
Looking at the mess immediately to the left of the camera :l hayfeelnafeel 
Soo yhh sorry for the long post ~ cnt give u a potato like on 9gag but heres my potatoey face to compensate xD

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