Tuesday, 8 March 2016

EASY OREO ICECREAM :O (with ice cream maker)


Check it out my first actual recipe on the internet xD Goodluck making this super easy version of the coveted Oreo Icecream and lemme know how it goes! :)

READ ME: Please remember to do any prep with your ice cream maker (such as freezing the inner bowl) prior to making ice cream xD. Trust me I hate it more than anyone when I realise I have to freeze the damn inner bowl for 8 hours when I already have my cream done :(

Ingredients: (see notes on the types I personally used and why :D )

240ml (1 US cup) of milk
150g (3/4 US cup) of white sugar
460ml (2 US cups) of Double Cream/ Double alternative
3 tsp of vanilla essence OR 2 tsp vanilla extract (extract is not halal tho)
7 or 8 Oreo cookies


1. Place your mixing bowl into the fridge to keep it cool. (No1 ever mentions this -.-)

2. Crush or chop ur Oreo cookies into desired size - preferably no bigger than 1x1cm pieces and not too fine like bread crumbs, although its fine if you have abit of a crumb trail.

3. In your now chilled bowl, whisk together the milk and the sugar till all the sugar is dissolved.

4. Stir in the Double cream and the vanilla.

5. Using your Ice cream makers instructions, (and usually once the maker is on) pour the mixture into the makers freezing bowl and let it run for about 20 minutes.

6. Add your crushed/ chopped oreo pieces and keep the maker running for another 10 minutes until the ice cream is thick and done.

7. Transfer the churned ice cream into a sealable container and place in the freezer for about 2 hours to firm up.




Helooo there I was crazy craving some serious oreo ice cream/ cookies and cream soo I thought I'd take matters into my own hands and just make one xD

My ice cream maker is the Andrew James maker given to me by my boyfriend:
Looks like this 
You can find this online on amazon I'm sure x) Its mains powered and comes with a removable inner bowl which you can freeze ^^ - doesnt take up too much room and is quite cute. Only gripe is the opening for the actual cream is fairly narrow, so if you're clumsy like me then you may get cream everywhere but the hole made for cream ...... I totally did tht :L 

The milk I used was semi- skimmed cuz thts literally all we drink in my house lol. I found it fine- although alot of recipes call for whole milk- I guess whole milk would add more of a creamier, full bodied flavour? But I personally found semi-skimmed just fine. 

Sugar. WELL I found out tht we ran out of granulated :) So I had to improvise lol I had tonnes of icing sugar left and some light brown sugar. I wasnt going to use the brown sugar cuz I thought it may give it too much of a caramel taste which I didnt want, so I opted for icing sugar. TURNS OUT that because the sugar is powdered- that it dissolved fairly quickly into the milk without too much whisking YAY! I added one tablespoon of brown and what was left of my granulated just for good measure too lol 

Cream. Interesting story, turns out I've never actually used proper dairy cream before in all my baking and cooking adventures O.O I was fooled by the media lol jks I was using Elms brand which happens to be alternative to dairy cream - its buttermilk mixed with vegetable oils. wow. who knew! So I used tht in this recipe and well- it still turned out pretty damn well x) 

Vanilla. I went to Makro recently on the hunt for more food supplies I could waste and I found this massive bottle of vanilla! I was super excited cuz it was like dirt cheap xD Turns out it was essence and had the little halal symbol over the top - non alcoholic! YAY! 

Anywhoo thats it for me  :) Hope you enjoyed reading this recipe - give it a share to spread the love ^^
Lemme know if you tried this at home or have any suggestions :)

Happy eating :D



  1. I love ice cream and this looks amazing ! I need an ice cream maker!!!


    1. Aha thanks for visiting :D You deffo should get one! Totally useful xD

  2. the ice cream looks so yummy >3< and its easy to make. will make it at home ^^ thanks for sharing this ^^


    1. Aha Have fun and lemme know how it goes !!

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    1. aha thank you! Dont worry- and ice cream maker is deffo worth it xD

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  9. This looks delicious!!! Also in love with that bowl/cup thingy :)

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    1. Aha thank you! let u in on a secret its a chinese teacup ahaha - I just couldnt find anything small enough to contain the ice cream in x)