Monday, 6 June 2016

Summer Outfits: Knee highs and chinky eyes x)


Sorry for the M.I.A - I had exams sooo took a loongg hiatus >< But I promise I will try to be more consistent and aim to post every wednesday.... hopefully aha xD But yes onto the post subject: OOTD!! This is my first OOTD post and I dont really know what I'm doing :L. Just a cute little ensemble I pulled together for a day out to the cinema and out about town :) perfect for those spring/summer months providing temps are around 15-20*c and more ..... which it RARELY is here in England T.T I was tryna go for a more lowkey everyday girl look with the navy cardi and skirt but I guess the knee highs kinda threw tht out the window x) Knee highs and a skirt got waaayy more double takes than I was going for :L Not to mention my brother mentioned how much of a weeaboo I looked in them :( But haters gonna hate- I like them ahahaha.