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I dont really know where to start? I actually hate talking about myself T.T soo I guess you want a picture of my face first?
 Hi there I'm Pam and this is what I look like when I pull that "selfie face" which is what you will see on near all my social media >.<
But this is what I actually look like 90% of the time if you see me cuz I'm constantly laughing at anything and everything if I'm not in a bad mood or stuffing my face :') I mean why not laugh nd be happy right? Life is just too short not to :)

I'm Pam or Princess or Ann idek half the time cuz my names so damn long : Princess Ann Marela is my full legal first name O.O (No I am not a real Princess). I am just another filipino girl so cue all the filipino stereotypes cuz I probably fit into all of them xD I am currently studying Medicine at the University of Birmingham and slowly dying from the stress. I like food and cool things and old stuff ... idk what to even say ><

I'm abit random and fairly loud - I like having fun and happen to love talking to people -I am never going to apologise for that! I'm also extremely stubborn...

I guess thats really it?

I'll just copy nd paste some "about me tag" questions now cuz thts probably a better way to get to know me than reading my waffle xD

1. What was favorite subject at school?: History. Hands down xD awks cuz I'm doing nothing related to history now ahahah Dont get me wrong- I love the sciences -  I cnt imagine my life without formulas and facts, but history is what I love. To just delve into stories upon stories of peoples lives back when things were so different - and to find out they were real people, real stories. It just made the little girl who loved fairytales so excited for every lesson.
2. What is your favorite drink?: matcha mousse green tea from chaatime *salivates* deffo to be drank on its own tho - could not stomach tht with a meal xD other than that- just plain green tea/chinese tea :) :)
3. What is your favorite song at the moment?: at the moment?? you mean all time xD Idk but I've always loved "If we ever meet again" by Katy Perry and Timberland - reminds me of when I was young carefree nd stress free.
4. What is your favorite food?: errr how can one have a favourite food when you're a foodie O.O I'd say anything oriental mebbe xD but yanooo British girl gunna love her chips x)
5. What is the last thing you bought?: 3 of the same style coat T.T cuz I couldnt pick ahahaha goodbye moneeyysss
6. Favorite book of all time?: HOW DO YOU PICK THO ??? Toooo many to choose from O.O mebbe hunger games (catching fire to be exact) --yhhh I went mainstream ... but theres a reason its like one of the world best! I prefer books written in first person and books NOT centred around a love life featuring a protagonist NOT obsessed with their significant other (sorry A Fault in Our Stars fans- I just couldnt see the hype)
7. Favorite Color?: mint green? tiffany blue? light tourquise? idk tht kinda colour tho ---Oh! the colour of my blog!!! :)
8. Favorite Perfume?: hmm anything musky/powdery- I'm not a floral kinda girl. Things like Lady million, Dahlia noir, Alien? Coco Mademoiselle is my current fave tho.
9. Favorite Holiday?: err back to the homeland xD Philippines ceases to amaze me :D
10. Are you married?: LOL if I was xD nah not yet :)
11. Do you speak any other language?: Tagalog? well broken anyway T.T
12. What is your favorite shop?: errr Tiger or Ikea -  love random cool things xD
13. Favorite restaurant?: Peach Garden Birmingham - no questions asked. 
14. When was the last time you cried?: ahahahha......
15. Favorite TV shows?: I refuse.
16. PC or Mac?: LOL terrible question for me- It really depends on what I want to do - both? I love love love my Macbook cuz its my baby - just so easy to carry around nd so easy to use. BUT I was and still am inlove with my HP laptop cuz I could do whatever I wanted on it - I just understood windows more nd you cn change things inside it like graphics cards - sooo idk I'd have both.
17. What phone do you have?: Iphone 6

Sorry for the long post >.< no potato tho - feel free to contact me for sponsorships or anything else ^^

Have fun on the blog!

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