Tuesday, 24 November 2015

SEVENTEEN Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner - Tattoo Me review

Helooo my chickadeees or just me xD

Sooo like I said I'm gunna start documenting the things I like or things that I'm trying so I can go back to it for future reference when my goldfish memory fails me and to share with a sister my limited knowledge of the world of a woman (or a brother if you were ever curious enough to read my waffle of a blog). Anywhoo this one is for a product that I should NEVER replace or am yet to find a product anywhere near as good as it right now, you could say it is one of my HOLY GRAIL items (and there arnt many). Ladies and Gents I present to you the mother of all eyeliners:
my baby the 17 semi-permanent liquid eyeliner TATTOO ME

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Abby's 16th

Soo yesterday was Abbys sweet 16th at the beautiful Copthorne hotel and for some odd reason I wanted to use fathers camera to take some HD ootd photos for my insta ~ haha well yanoo obvs I took waaayy too many and now had nothing to do with them sooo I thought hey! Why not make a blog? No1 will see it and u cn post as many photos as u like and still people will not see it xD soo here goes the blog and the many pictures to come ~ if u are reading this tho and actually care ~ wows ~ Imm sorry ~ anywhoofeel  free to ask questions and lemme know what u think of my outfits :) 

Goodbye my gulay